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Using SnapQuote with Spike, you can reduce your time to measure a house from hours to minutes, and increase the accuracy of your measurements and estimates. Spike is a laser measurement tool that is compatible with SnapQuote, and allows you to measure faster and avoid manually entering measurements. The Spike laser device works with your iPad’s camera and SnapQuote app. Simply take a photo of the side of a house with your iPad and Spike device. Then using the SnapQuote app, auto-deskew the photo and use the measurement tools to instantly measure areas and elevations to complete your quote. Spike is compatible with the SnapQuote app and iPads, and attaches to a separate tablet case with adhesive tape. iPad case not included. Cost of Spike device for SnapQuote users is $349.


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To learn more about how Spike works and to view technical specs, visit the ikeGPS website.

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